I have done spiritual and healing work of all kinds for many years.  

Skip Jennings is a divinely gifted healer unlike any I have had!  He is a gifted teacher whose only mission is to share his skills to help others heal and grow to be the best they can be.  

Through his amazing skills and intuition, I have grown and healed lifelong challenges through participation in his retreats, yoga classes and individual Reiki sessions. 

Thank you Skip for being you, a loving authentic soul!! 

Paula Taylor

Rev Skip Jennings is honest, caring and loving. He gives me peace and is uplifting when I’ve been down. I’ve been troubled and Rev Skip offered encouragement and hope. I’ve discovered my love of meditation again.  Yoga is now gentle yoga and I am so thankful your in my life

Maurya Mann

I follow Rev Skip on Insight Timer. I enjoy taking his courses and look forward each Friday to his live sessions. His teachings are so inspiring and insightful I jumped at the chance to attend his retreat in Bali. It was transformational! Rev Skip shared from his soul, infusing wisdom, experience, and passion with his talents. Everything from his healing yoga classes, meditation circles, and daily challenges allowed us to infuse god into every part of our journey. I would recommend to anyone looking to transform their lifestyle to join Rev Skip’s retreats.

Goddess MO

Rev. Skip Jennings offers a unique retreat experience that summons the heart into greater presence, well-being and service. Yes, I left Bali with memories of ceremonial temples and prismatic golden sunlight. I also discovered my inner capacity to release outdated versions of myself so that I might embody possibility for my future. Skip excels in his ability to weave eclectic music and yoga with the beauty and spirit of location.  He facilitates with realness, with a joy and celebration that honors the unique expression of each participant. A rare gift, a beautiful experience.

Ella Rhoades

Being in the presence of Rev. Skip has allowed me to take a deeper dive into my spiritual awareness and understanding of New Thought teachings. His compassion to make this planet a place for all is unwavering. 

Lola Gomez-Bailey

Reverend Skip Jennings has an extraordinary way of connecting with participants in his retreats. He guides the group on a well orchestrated journey of healing . He combines his lifetime of different modalities to offer the participants a deep healing journey guided by spirit.


He is a very powerful and inspirational speaker.  As the minister in our community he exemplifies the power of love, visioning and healing. 

Michael Gough