rev skip jennings workshops

A Soulful Journey of Discovery and Transformation.

Welcome to a space dedicated to your spiritual growth and personal evolution. If you’re pondering life’s purpose or seeking ways to overcome obstacles, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Are you prepared to release pain and grief and step boldly into the life you desire? The guidance of a Life Coach or Spiritual Counselor can be the transformative catalyst you need.

As a licensed spiritual counselor and spiritual life coach from Agape University, I’ve assisted numerous clients in finding their path and achieving personal breakthroughs. Together, we delve into Universal Principles that unlock the door to your success. Utilizing tools like “The Law of Intention” and “The Law of Prosperity,” we make the journey of transformation both effective and enjoyable.

Authentic Customer Service:

Discover the keys to consistently delivering extraordinary customer service while fostering growth. In this interactive session, participants will master 10 empowerment steps, gaining practical skills to enhance customer interactions.

Metaphysical Approach to Success:

Unleash the power within with this transformative workshop. Explore Universal Principles unlocking your success, utilizing tools like “The Law of Intention” and “The Law of Prosperity” for effective and enjoyable transformation.

Authentic Movement:

The Power of Meditation – Mind Body: Immerse yourself in a unique workshop offering a holistic experience. Learn different meditation practices, cultivating powerful self-awareness through meditative movement.

Yoga, Zen, and Discipline (Yoga/Mind Body):

Embark on a journey to find Zen through yoga. This experiential approach focuses on Divine connection, Authentic Awareness, The Now Moment, Conscious Expansion of the mind, and Empowerment Intention Setting for an elevated mind, body, and spirit.

CARES Wellness Workshops Deliver the Tangibles:

Improve employee health, performance, and morale with CARES Corporate Wellness Workshops®. Tailored for individuals, teams, or groups, these workshops cover Mental Motivation, Physical Empowerment, and Inspirational Elevation, promoting a healthier and more inspired workplace.

Why CARES Wellness Workshops? With over 20 years of Fitness and Wellness experience, CARES brings a customized format that supports healthier lifestyles, reduces risks, balances teams, and helps companies contain healthcare costs. Flexible and requiring no gym space, these workshops offer tangible results and incentives for making positive lifestyle changes. Elevate your team’s well-being today.