Meditation 101: Unpacking the Mysteries of The Practice
with Rev Skip Jennings

Join Rev Skip Jennings for his Meditation 101 workshop. This is a three-part series that explores the basics
On this journey, you will begin to understand what mediation is and what it isn’t. Exploring different types o
allow you to start or deepen your practice.

• Explore what mediation is and what it isn’t
• Discuss the why of mindfulness and how it affects our lives
• Learn the tools for overcoming distractions before, during and after meditation
• Discuss the many types of meditation and how we can be mindful in every situation
• Learn how to create a daily practice just right for their life

• 4 hours of live content including time for questions
• Access to a private circle to continue the connection and conversation
• A PDF of Rev Skip Jenning’s daily devotional book ‘Little Book for Big Transformation’
• A recording of the workshop which you can access up to 3 months after the event.

Saturday Jan 8th, 15th and 22nd 12:00 Noon EST
Cost: $130

Classes will be held on zoom
Workshop Sign up (ONLY) via the Insight Timer App on your Smart Phone