DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Celebrating Light – Day 16  “The Abundance of Light”

Meditative Thought: Light can never run out.  Even where it appears to be dark, there is never a void of the Light; it is only an appearance.  The experience of lack and limitation is a direct inability to see the Light; your inability to tap into God.  The Light is infinite, more abundant than we can imagine.   God is everywhere just waiting to be recognized.  When we are challenged by the wave in the sea of life, there is always an invitation to start again, an invitation to return to the practice.  There is enough God to cover all our issues; we must be willing to allow God to be bigger and more abundant than our current paradigm.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today, allow God to be more abundant than your current situation.  God’s grace is sufficient for all your problems.  Take all you concerns and leave them at the altar of the Divine.  Turn to the Light that is everywhere present.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, my life is filled with an abundance of Light, love, and Joy.  I am on point, and a true expression of the Light.  And so I am.  And I let it be.  Amen.

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT

Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach

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