DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Setting Intentions Day 9 “Your Divine Energy”

Meditative Thought: Set the intention to connect with your divine energy.  The pathway of roses or the journey to your higher self, is the purpose of our existence.  We have heard it over and over again, “To thy own self be true or be the author of your existence.”  We can only be authentic by remembering who and what we are.  That is always the first step to our greatness.  These great Avatars invite us to remember our divine energy.  I believe this can only be achieved through the stillness.  Your divine energy is the source of you, and it is what drives you into action.  Whenever I teach yoga, I remind the class and myself that this physical activity is a tool to remember our true spirit.  Daily awareness of the Divine is the practice.  Beloved, remember the light within and awaken your highest potential.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today remember your divine energy.  Set the intention to go within to connect with Source, so that you can be the author of your existence.  Be mindful that everything is sourced by God.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am the author of my life.  With the Divine, I co-create a magnanimous existence.  And Life is good.

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach
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