DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Setting Intentions Day 19 “The Practice of Giving”

Meditative Thought: Today is the day that we set the intention to give more money, time, and our divine qualities that we bring forth.  There is power in the act of giving and sharing, activating the law of circulation.  What you give away freely, you freely receive.   It is so important that we remember, we are not here to get anything, we are here to give and share the presence of God that lives within us.  The practice of giving is connected to our ability to see our gifts as divine, belonging to the Universe.   There is nothing we truly own.   All that we have is God’s, and we are only the tool for sharing.  When we realize that we have been chosen to be spiritual tools destined to share God, we become free to give.  We must release the fear of not having enough and know that everything we have comes from an abundant source of supply that can never run out.  Understand that all your money, your time, the divine qualities you bring fort,  are because of your connection with God.  When it is time to give, remember you are only exchanging energy that belongs to Spirit.  You are free to give it away, and there is always enough.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today set the intention to give more.   Be an open vessel for God’s gift to flow freely through you, for you, as you.  Begin a practice of prayer and meditation anchoring the truth that there is enough to share and spare.

Affirmation: Just for this moment… just for this breath, I am the gift of God, and I freely release the blessing upon the planet.  I am the anchoring of heaven on earth; a divine-being pouring out the gifts of the Universe everywhere I go.  Amen

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