DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Setting Intentions Day 20 “The Practice of Sacred Study”

Meditative Thought: Everything that we need to know is within our spirit.  Our eternal high self is one with Divine Knowledge.  The practice of sacred study is to activate that intelligence that lives within our being.  Setting the intention to grow and to expand our consciousness must be followed by the intention to take action through sacred study.

Every time I have an “Ah-Ha” moment, it is anchored with feeling that I have known that “spiritual nugget” all my life.  Whenever I contemplate something that I have read, there is always a deepening of my consciousness, a quickening of my soul.  We set the intention to go deep; it is the study that allows the journey.  When I hear an inspirational speaker, what resonates with me are the topics that I have already studied.  The intention is the key that unlocks the door, but it is the study that helps you to see there are no doors to unlock in the first place.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today set the intention to up-level your consciousness with sacred study.  Join a class, a study group, or a book study; and allow a fellowship of like-minded people take you on a journey of enlightenment.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I embrace the journey of transformation.  I activate the divine knowledge that lives within my soul.  And so it is.  Amen
Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach

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