DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Setting Intentions Day 30 “Retreat”

Meditative Thought: Sometimes we must retreat from our everyday lives to push the restart button.  The word “retreat” means to withdraw into a place of safety, a refuge, or retirement and or a period of retirement for religious or spiritual practices like meditation and prayer.

When we decide that life has become overwhelming or to challenging, it is time for a retreat.  We do not have to go up to the mountains, our to the desert to push restart, although that is the ideal way to retreat.  We can begin again in our homes, in the backyard, down the street at the park, or even a day at the beach.

A retreat is a turning away from what stands in the way of your spiritual practice, and a surrender to your connection with God.  Be open to a daily retreat from the world.  Find a place that you can shutdown from the grind and fall into the arms of God.  Set the intention to find your safe haven in God.  The Universe is always ready for you to ‘steal away’ some time for yourself.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today, set the intention to retreat on a daily basis.  Find the time to unplug from the world and connect with God.  For 30 days, take time to shut off the computer, cell phones, TV’s, and just be still.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment… just for this breath, my oneness with the power of God fuels my very being.  My safe haven is in my sacred and holy place within.  And so it is.  Amen.

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