DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS: 29 Days of Love – Day 4 “Falling In Love With The Desires of Your Heart”

 Meditative Thought: What are the desires of your heart?  What do you want for your life?  We live in a universe that wants to give you all your needs and desires.  Our blessing will flow as much as we believe, so we need to believe with all our heart.  Fall in love with your goals and desires.  Believe with all your heart that you deserve to participate in the abundance and prosperity of life.  Your consciousness is key.  We can only receive as much as we believe.

Your Spiritual Assignment:  Today, make a list of all the things you want for your life.  The sky is the limit.  No ceiling. Create a visioning board. Post this list on the board where you can see it every day. Look at this list until each and every desire comes true.  Learn to focus on the things you want, instead of the things you don’t have.  While you are visioning, be grateful for all the achievements you have accomplished.  Create a list of all the gifts you are grateful for and place it next to the desired list.  Every time you vision for those desired goals, give equal time to your gratitude list.  We must change our mind, to change our life.


Affirmations:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I control my entire mind and I choose thoughts that will strengthen my spirit.  My Mind, Body, and Spirit are one with God and I expand larger with each and every breath.  My mind is the mind of God, and only good comes from it.  And so I let it be.

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