DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS: 29 Days of Love – Day 6 “Love to Forgive”

Meditative Thought: Whenever we choose to forgive others, or ourselves, the shift comes from Love and from God.  There is a power greater than the resentment that helps us to release and let go.  This power to forgive overtakes everything and we sometimes forget what the grudge was about in the first place. Love only knows itself.  Love only knows its pure absolute presence; it does not know our fears, resentments, or lack.  Love is the only power that can change an unwilling heart too an open space, creating room for growth and transformation.

When we are stuck in un-forgiveness it is like we drank poison and hope that the other person dies.  Holding on to resentment consumes our life day in and day out.  It takes much more energy to hold on to grudges.  We have to remember what the other person did, how they did it, why we are justified, and what we need to say to them when we get the opportunity.  Love is our natural state of being.  It is our place of feeling at peace.

Spiritual Assignment:  Today, write a letter of forgiveness to yourself.  Forgive yourself for unfulfilled dreams and promises.  Ask for forgiveness of loves’ lost, and disappointments.  Write a 2nd letter, accepting the apology.  Release the old thought patterns of un-forgiveness and create “the you”, you were intended to be.

Affirmations:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I forgive myself and release the old paradigm that I am not good enough.  There is no condemnation in the Christ Spirit, so I am free to forgive others and myself.  I release old resentments that do not serve me anymore, and I am free to love.  And so it is.  Amen.

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