DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS: 29 Days of Love – Day 11 “Love, The Mood Changer”

Meditative Thought: When you want to change the mood of a situation, try love.  When you want to shift the way that you feel, try love.  Love is the highest appreciation and emotion for what we know is working.  When a situation is becoming annoying, or when you start to feel agitated, look for the good; look for the love.  Ask the Universe to show it self.  Trust that Love will show up when you are willing to see it.

Your Spiritual Assignment: A simple song can shift your spirit from desperation to inspiration.  Today, journal about what changes your mood from gloom and doom, to Joy.  It could be music, poetry, or meditation.  Be aware of the tools that help you to change your moods.

Affirmations:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I walk in the fullness of my mind, body, and spirit.  I am the best me I can be. I am successful in all I do, and I live in the richness of God.  I live a restored life, and I sing and rejoice.  I live a life of pure joy and harmony.  I sing my Restoration Song and my spirit is unleashed.  And so it is. Amen.

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