DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS: 29 Days of Love – Day 12 “Yoga To Love”

Meditative Thought: We must know our connection within the Universe.  We are connected to our higher self, which is Love.  In yoga, our primary focus is to deepening our awareness to the Universal presence of God.  Because God is love, the yogi’s journey is the journey to Love.  We must take the time to contemplate and cultivate our “oneness consciousness.”  Once we know that we are connected in God, we become aware of our connection to each other.  Our connection runs deep within every cell of our existence.  There is an eternal connection that is always active and waiting to be recognized in each other.  When we take the time to be aware of our spiritual connection to one another, we participate in the sacred practice of fellowship.

Your Spiritual Assignment: Today, journal about the God connection you find in other people.  Make a list of the divine attributes you recognize in the people you meet.  List the divine characteristics you want others to see in you.  Remember there is but one God that lives in all of us.

Affirmations:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I express the God in me, and I can celebrate the God in others.  There is only but one life, the life of God, and I am connected.  My life is magnificently immersed in God.

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