DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS: 29 Days of Love – Day 23 “Loving the Planet”

Meditative Thought: Today, let’s fall in love with the planet.  Mother earth is a divine being that loves us so much.  It is time we love her back.  Loving this gracious space means taking care of it, blessing it, praying for it, nurturing it, and being one with it.  We must change the way we live and the way we consume our resources.  We can simply do this by being more aware and present of our home.  We have one planet that we all live on; let’s fall in love with the Earth.  We are all connected in God, so know the truth: what we do in our everyday life affects everyone and everything.  We are the collective, earth — you, me, and God.

Your Spiritual Assignment: Today, list ways you bless the planet and the people who live on it.  Start off by writing “I bless the planet by…” This should be an ever-growing list.  Understand, your life is the life of God, and to be of service is the only way to live.

Affirmations:   Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am the blessing that brings joy to my life.  I am the blessing that brings love to my world.  I am the blessing that brings God to this dimension.  I am the one that blesses Planet Earth.  Because God lives in me, I am a living blessing.  And so it is.

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