DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Embracing the Practice – Day 12 “Embracing Sacred Study”

Meditative Thought: Every moment we spend in the practice of sacred study expands our spiritual consciousness.  It is like a bank account; it is accumulative.  When there is an embrace of spiritual academia, there is always a growth that takes place.  Each word, each sentence, each phase activates your personal intention to know more.  When we study, there is an activation of divine knowledge within our souls that has always been there; we are now simply turning it on.

We must fully surrender to the call of our spirit; it wants to know more God.  Sacred study feeds the hunger.  When we find ourselves in a class or a spiritual community, feeding our spiritual souls, we become a beacon for goodness.  We begin to radiate this knowledge that we are taking in.  We illuminate the darkness as our consciousness grows.

Your Spiritual Assignment:  Today, take the time to open your spiritual bank account.  Be aware that everything counts.  Every time you are in practice make a mental deposit into the Bank of Consciousness.  Create an affirmation that will anchor your commitment for growth.  You can simply remind yourself by saying, “I am making a deposit into my divine account.”

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I fill my spiritual bank account with my awareness.  My life is blessed with the knowledge of God.  And so it is.

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