DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  30 Days of Celebrating New Beginnings – Day 21 “Celebrating a New Communication”

Meditative Thought: If we believe that God is everywhere active, then God is present and active within ourselves. So many times we forget that simple sacred principle.   The Omni presence of the Universe means that there is nowhere that God is not.  When we become aware of this truth, we begin to see with our third eye, our spiritual eye, and we move with a new focus. Remembering that God is always active changes our language.  We will change how we talk to others and to ourselves.  A question that keeps us aligned and awake is, “Would I talk about God that way?”  When we are in conversation with someone or even talking to ourselves, check in with the language and how we choose to communicate.  Remember that God is always listening.
Your Spiritual Assignment:  Today, be aware of how you speak to yourself and others.  Use only language that is filled with love and light, then journal about your experience. Take note of what comes up for you.  Do not judge the process; just be in it.


Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am a child of God and am willing to unleash my God energy everywhere I go. I activate God qualities with my spirit, and I allow them to flow freely. The vibration of the Infinite feels my heart. I am God’s beloved, and God is pleased. And so it is. Amen

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