DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  30 Days of Recognizing The Divine – Day 28 “I Am Complete Already”

Meditative Thought: In the movie Jerry Maguire, when Jerry says to Dorothy Boyd, “You complete me,” there was an overwhelming sigh in the theater.  And from that moment on, that was the tagline that gave the couple validation to be with each other. To think that we become whole because of the person we are with is a statement of lack and limitation.  Self-validation is the only validity we need.  You are the only one that can measure how much you mean to yourself. Stop looking for a job, a mate, consumerism, material things, or something outside of yourself to tell you that you are good enough; this can only be done by you. You are the master of your existence. You are in control of what happens to your life. Go within yourself and see the beauty that is you. Everything you are searching for, you already are.  From the start, you are complete.

Your Spiritual Assignment:  Today, know your complete self.  In your stillness connect with your divine.  Know that this is your true nature.  Embrace it.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am the master of my life. I am connected to the power of the Universe. Everything I need lives within me.

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