DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  31 Days of Empowerment – Day 28 “Stages of Consciousness”

Meditative Thought: Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith has created a model for the four stages of consciousness.  Stage 1 is victim; stage 2 is using the Universal presence to manifest and create your existence; stage 3 is allowing God to work through you; and stage 4 is God working as you.   We can be in any of these stages at any time. The difference is when we are aware of when we are operating as a victim, or when we are showing up as God. Sometimes stages can shift from moment to moment. I learned not to beat myself up if I find myself thinking or acting like a victim. Because we are aware, we have a choice. We can decide how we want to live our life, and that is empowerment.  Once we recognize that we are in victim-hood, we have the power to shift.  Empower yourself by being aware.  Self-Awareness is a key step to empowerment.

Today’s Spiritual Assignment:  Today, be aware of when you are in victim consciousness or when you are coming forth as the fullness of God.  Journal about your experience and continue to be aware of how you are living your life.   If you recognize that you are in victim-hood, do the spiritual work that will help you to shift.  Prayer and meditation is the solution.  Go within and see your true self.  As you move through your day, stay awake and conscious.


Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I deliver the divine love upon this planet. I am an expression of God. And so I let it be. Amen

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