Why are we here on this Earth? Look deeper into your hopes, aspirations and find the essence of you. Finding your true gifts and recognizing your strengths will help you begin on your journey. Our true calling in life can help us determine how we want to go about our transformation. Physical fitness is part of that journey. Think of it as training your body for an adventure–your life.
What’s important?
Physical fitness is about empowering yourself. Making the decision to change our relationship with ourselves and the way that our body interacts with our mind is always the first step. We must have the strength to rethink our outlook on change. The positive benefits outweigh our insecurities because once your mind is convinced that change is needed and can be done, you are setting your spirit free to get you there.
Write down a few things in your life you would like to change or strengthen. Seeing your goals and writing them down let’s them be released into the universe. Get the ball rolling and you will see that it can happen.

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