You cannot change your body without changing your mind. This is the most important principle we can recognize. Once we transform the way we think, the body and spirit will shift and true change will happen. When our thinking is clear, and our minds are renewed, transformation of the body temple is much easier.  I would like to share with you 10 easy principles that will help you focus and align your practice with your intentions. This philosophy for transformation has helped me guide hundreds of people (as well as myself) to finding the keys to unlocking freedom and today I want to share them with you.

1.  Willingness:

 There must be willingness for transformation to take place.  The willingness is a desire to be better. You must give yourself permission to be ok.  A willing to shift is fueled with intention to see the shift happen, to do the work, willingness to be whole and complete.

 2. Hope:

There must be a “state of hope” that a transformation can happen.  Hope is when you see the light at the end of the dark storm.  Hope is the personal invitation needed to begin the transformation of the mind, body and spirit. You begin to see the vision of a better life that the universe has in store for you.

 3. Courage:

 Transformation requires courage—the courage to begin—to take the first step; It is the energy that gets you to the gym.  IT the vibration that helps to seek out a trainer or a coach.  Courage is the power that helps you to change what is not working in your life.  When you are sick of carrying the extra, unwanted weight, or want to shift the way you think about of your life, changing the way you feel to get started. There must be courage. Human nature fights hard for sameness but we must be stronger to envision our future.

 4.  Love:

Understand that it is Love that is the healer.  It is the desire to love your self deeply; that is why we work the body temple, and why we shift the way we think about our selves. It is why we pray and meditate. Love devolves all issues.  Transformation is about the Love.  When we love ourselves, only then can we truly love others.  Love is the ultimate cure for all things.

5. Faith:

There must be faith for the transformation to begin and succeed. Faith is a belief that the transformation can happen.

6. Knowing & Confidence:

You must have the confidence to carry on during your transformation. ‘Knowing’ is the certainty that a shift is happening. Faith leads you to the knowing that you are shifting the body, mind and spirit. When you begin to see the payoff of the work you have said yes to, it will turn turning into confidence.

7. Fellowship:

 It is the unity of like-minded people that will support your transformation. When you go to a gym, people are working together with the same purpose in mind: to be healthy. This will help energize you, keep you accountable, and keep you on the right track. Fellowship tells you that you are not alone on this journey.

8. Perseverance:

You must have a “stick to it ” attitude.  No matter what, you must keep going.  When you think that your transformation is at a stand still you must not judge, just keep moving.  Sometimes your transformation has the appearance of a plateau, but every practice, every session and even meditation accumulative counts. Everything counts.  When you hit a plateau, you are at a transformational fork in the road.  You have 2 choices: give up or keep going. This will help you move over every milestone to the last pound. Winners never quit and the harder to push yourself your goals will come to realization sooner.

9.  Gratitude:

You must be grateful for what you have so that you can manifest the next stage of your life.  Learning to love and be grateful for the body you have been given as your transform the outer shell that is your body.  “Gratitude is the attitude for manifestation.” When we are grateful for what we have, it is always enough. If you spend your life looking for more each time, you risk happiness.

10. Be of service:

Once you have connected with your inner light, it is time to shine for others to see.  We transform the bodily temple so that we may be of service.  Transformation is not about getting anything, it about giving.  When we recognize that we are here to serve life, once we see the vision, we free up our spirit and our minds are able to give. We are able to serve one another. In transformation you find your true gifts. We want to access our spirit so our body doesn’t hinder our progress.

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