The theme for this week is giving back. Once we have begun our personal transformation, the time comes for us to give back. The main reason we work out is so that we can be of service to others.  When we are constrained be our bodies service is the lasting thing on our minds.  Helping others along their journey to transformation is the principle of unity and fellowship but it can only come form our own self realization of wholeness. Giving back is what the law of circulation is all about; what you give away freely comes back you. Today is the time to reach out and be of service. Remember, we are all connected. What affects one, affects us all. There is power and strength in a community that stands together and lends a helping hand to their fellow man. Getting the opportunity to serve others is a gift, and as we serve others we serve ourselves.


Following up with the theme of giving back this week, I will be participating in the Cycle for Survival event on March 2nd 2013. This event is a cycling event to help raise money for cancer, which is one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. If you have ever lost a loved one to cancer then you know that every moment and every little bit counts. Working together for the common good is the only force we have against this silent killer. Start giving back with me by donating to the cause and help raise cancer awareness as well as fund much needed research here.

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