Finding your joy is one of the most important things that we can give to ourselves as we transform the body, mind and spirit.

When workouts get challenging we have to go back to what we loved about them. What was your intention when you started your journey? What was the vibration of your soul when you first dropped one or two pounds?  The energy of pure Joy and celebration must anchor your workouts.

Find a modality that you love. Not everyone has to do yoga, pilates, rock climb, or go running. Just find that thing that works for you and makes working out fun. You don’t need to stress over being healthy. If you enjoy what you do you, then stick with it. Finding the Joy means finding a class or trainer you are happy with, that makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This is a part of activating the inner love—“Joy raising”, as Oprah calls it.

When you find your Joy, you have found something that is working for you; we call that gratitude. When you come to a challenging place in your workout, return to the beginning.

Begin to create mantras about workouts filled with joy. Think about how best to connect with inner love—there is an opportunity to dance in the space of joy during every moment, including your physical practice.

Begin to shift the way you see the workout. Instead of seeing it as I have to, see it as I get to. We are Joy and we can be joyful in everything. Find your joy and see where it takes you.


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