As we move into spring, it’s time to embrace the newness of life.  It’s time to spring into action with your Practice. Spring marks the birthing of a new season, not only in the weather but also in our life. March is the end of winter and the dieing of the old practice that no longer serves us. Once we let go, we must be willing to embrace something new; it’s the time to break out of our old boxes and step into a new way of living.

For the physical, try a new format of training the body, or simply go back to something that you have not done in years. Think about trying out a dance class, or a yoga session. Have you ever tried Pilates?  When was the last time you took a walk in the park? This spring, try and eat foods that are the colors of the rainbow; we call these foods, “sun infused foods.” Look for foods that are yellow, green, purple and red—foods that have been kissed by Mother Nature herself.

For the mind, embrace affirmative language: Only speak words that empower you. You can be your own worst critic, which is why empowering yourself can boost confidence to succeed. Be kind and loving, only using the word that embrace your life, not words that tear you apart.

As for the spirit, meditation is key. Challenge yourself with a 30-day commitment to meditation. Every morning, start your day with mindfulness. Take a moment to be still and set your intentions for the day. In your quiet time, just focus on the breath and be aware of when you inhale and exhale. Take time to connect with your inner self. Remember the practice, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, is like a bank account, you must make a deposit to accumulate your wealth.

Spring is in the air; it’s time to spring into action within your Practice.