When we set the intention to transform our lives, we must begin with Gratitude. Whatever your goals may be, dropping an unwanted pound, or doing a complete ‘life makeover’, we must be grateful for what we have. This is the first step to moving forward and embracing your life as it has been given.

Gratitude is the highest form of appreciation in your life. Today ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” Think of it as the acknowledgment of what is working in your life—your job, a romantic relationship, friendships, or your health. Whatever it is, use it to energize your transformation.

Gratitude can also come from the recognition of something that you do well. Think of something you love about yourself, something that truly expresses your true nature; once you have connected with that one thing within your mind, feel the energy of joy and gratitude welling up in the center of your being. This feeling, or energy, is the activation of love and gratitude. It doesn’t matter how big or small, we must find that one thing that says, “Yes, life is good.” The key to happiness is love and gratitude.

Ignite your workouts with gratitude. Start you meditation with a moment to give thanks and empower your life with the appreciation of what you do have. If you are grateful your life will be enough, and your transformation will be filled with tremendous ease and grace.