Your first D is Drive. You must remember your drive and remember what is driving you. Under drive come three things to think about: First, what is your intention? Second, what do you want to achieve how do you want to look and feel after a workout? Setting the intention to grow, how would you like to grow and how would you like to feel? We have goals and we must remember them. Focus on your dreams: If it’s twenty pounds or a healthier lifestyle, we must continue to focus on it. Thirdly, is desire. What are the desires of your heart? Remember why are you working out and why you are doing this. Our intentions, desires and goals are all interconnected and this is the essence of your practice. Remember the desire for transformation. Your desires are the essence of why you’re doing this.

The second D is Dedication! We must be dedicated: one workout at a time, one breath at a time, and just one moment at a time. Ask yourself these simple questions: are you dedicated to your workout and can you be dedicated to your goal? Can you be dedicated to your writing, to creating your resume and getting the job? Your dedication sets the tone for your transformation. If you don’t dedicate yourself to the transformation, it will never come to fulfillment.

The last D is Determination. When you are hitting a fork in the road, there are two choices: one, to give up or, two, keep going. Be determined not to give up. Be determined to get your workout in and make it happen. Be determined to make all of your dreams come true. Be determined to complete the workout so the transformation can begin.

Once you have all the three D’s, you must give yourself permission to be okay, to experience healthy living.

It is your yes that activates the drive that keeps you dedicated, and allows you to stay focused and determined. During your period of transformation, say yes to eating right, and exercise. Say yes to a healthy way of life. Say yes to wholeness. Say yes to life. Say yes to positive thinking, and say yes to you. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!