My favorite line in the Wizard of Oz is when Glenda says, “You have always had the power…” Not only does it speak the truth of our existence, but it is also the truth about transforming our lives. I always tell my clients: the power to transform your life is within you. Do not look for anything outside yourself to transform your life.

Today, approach your transformation with the authority that you are the answer to all of your issues. Everything you need, and or desired, is already within you. The only work needed is the activation of your greatness. Release the power within by using mantras like: Yes I can, yes I am willing, and yes I am able. When you take that walk, walk with the attitude that you are the only person that can will your body to move.

When you sit down to mediate, be mindful that you are connecting with your higher self. When you choose to eat, know that you set the intention to live your greatest life.

Yes we have our teachers and gurus, but ultimately you must do the work. Start your day with these thoughts in mind because nothing can come to be, unless you put it into motion.