When we talk about independence, we want to think about being spiritually and physically independent from everything that does not serve us. We want to be able to remove ourselves from anything that is holding us back from being out true authentic self. For the body temple it might be something that you’re dealing with emotionally and or mentally. There are many things that can block our transformation of the body temple, such as putting our families before our health, putting our jobs before our health, or placing food before our workouts. We must learn to take care of ourselves before we try to help others.  If there is an emergency on a flight and the oxygen mask drops, we must first put our on mask on before trying to help someone else. Being healthy is the number one priority–an active pursuit and nothing should stand in the way of achieving your goals.

Mental blocks can hold you back and keep you from following through when it comes to engaging your healthy lifestyle. Thoughts that block your mental independence are things like: I can’t do that or I’m not good enough, strong enough or powerful enough. We want to shift away from these mindsets and embrace a positive way of thinking—we are strong, we are good enough, we are powerful enough and worthy to be health wealthy complete.

Our Souls are independent from lacking and limitation but interdependent with God. Affirmations are a great way to remind us of who and who’s we are. We are connected to the Universe that give us the freedom to be the greatest expression of The Divine we can be. Affirmations help us to move into a healthier thought process. Affirm the truth, ‘I am loved, I am independent, and I am free’; Interdependence  is the ultimate vibration of independence.

Here are 10 Affirmations to help empower your transformation.  Happy Independence.  I bless you on your path to absolute  FREEDOM!

1. I am Abundant = free from financial challenges.

2. I am Love = independence in relationships, freedom to Love wholeheartedly.

3. I am Joy = freedom of emotional domination.

4. I am Healthy = independence from Body Temple Challenges.

5. I am free to be what I am meant to be = freedom and independence to be ourselves.

6. I am Amazing = independence from self-doubt.

7. I am strong enough = freedom to overcome anything.

8. I am Powerful= freedom from Lack and limitations.

9. I am Enough = freedom to move forward.

10. I am Blessed = freedom to receive blessing.