Blads of grass by Sarah Klockars-ClauseThis week we focus on one of the definitions of humility which is to be teachable. 

Sometimes through sickness, heartache, and pain, true transformation happens.  In my experience, some of my greatest revelations have appeared to me when I was experiencing some type of ‘dis-ease.’  The times I laid in bed, body feeling weak, with a slight fever, I could have asked, “God why me?” But I have learned to ask, “What is it you want me to learn from this experience?”  From that point, other questions can be asked, “What’s to be revealed during this time?”  What am I willing to release during this experience?  As Earnest Holmes has written, “There is nothing to heal, only to reveal.”  Our approach to our challenges is key; if we are willing and open to new Ah-Hah moments to take place, they will.  My mother always says, “What doesn’t kill us make us stronger.”  That is only true if we invite revelations through our healings.  And then we can truly know the meaning of “nothing to heal only to insight to be revealed.”