Blads of grass by Sarah Klockars-ClauseThis week we tackle head-on challenges before us. When life seems to give us hiccups and U-turns, we blame our circumstances, placing us into a victim mode. We even blame ourselves for allowing the situation to take place.  We can be our greatest critics during our most crucial periods. During these challenging times, learn to love yourself deeply. These moments of what appears to be a test from the universe, is only a time of faith building.  These are the times God invites us to turn inward and allow God to do its thing.  

I have found that these are the times I need to be extra loving. I must love myself through the hard times. During your dark night, I invite you to fall in love with yourself again. Date yourself again. Treat yourself like a new love interest filled with passion and desire. Love is the only thing that shifts your vibration.