© M B / Attribution-ShareAlikeFor today’s Meditative though, I am reminded by a lyric from one of my favorite Rickie Byars and Rev Michael Beckwith songs, “I Release and I Let Go”. These lyrics remind me that I need to free myself on a daily basis, sometimes even moment-to-moment, breath-to-breath. 

It also reminds me that we are here for God, to be God as us. When we surrender and allow the Universe to unfold in our lives, as our lives, miracles happen.  Releasing our attachment to anything but God is breaking the chains of slavery.  Ask yourself, “Am I free from things that keep me in bondage, things that do not serve me any longer?” Do sex, food, drugs, alcohol, relationships, and other external vices control you? Are you free from self-sabotage, self-loathing, self-hatred?

The truth is, the Spirit can never be enslaved, hurt, damaged, or changed. The essence of God, which lives within us, is the power that frees us. Today, go within and celebrate the freedom of your Spirit. Know that you are always free in your consciousness. Freedom is a state of mind.  Active your new freedom from people, places, and things and know that the only union that is required is your union with your higher self.