Affirmation FridayAs the weekend is upon us let’s reflect on Monday’s message of “God Expressing Within” and apply it to both a body connection and to affirm.

Remember, exercise is a way of expressing God within. Every time we consciously train our bodies we are doing spiritual work to express more love, light and joy that lives within.  The Essence of life lives within you; therefore every weight you lift is the expression of the Universal presence of God.  Your physical practice is about creating what I call the body-temple that is without the pain and weakness that may hinder your spiritual work.  Recall that after a hard, vigorous training session, our bodies glow. They also release hormones called endorphins, imbuing us with a euphoric feeling that is chemically induced. I call it the God Vibration.  The next time you finish your physical practice, take a moment and acknowledge the God Vibration.  Be still, and once you feel it, recognize it as a space of gratitude.  When we exercise, it becomes a tool for reaching our inner being. 

Lastly, let us combine this body connection knowledge and affirm that just for this moment…just for this breath, remember that God lives within your soul and that you can do anything.