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This week we’ll take a break and change it up a bit with a pescaderian recipe from Jo Ann Gantus, one of the familiar morning faces at Equinox Pasadena. Jo Ann or as I affectionally call her, Mamma Jo Jo made these terrific Tilapia Fish Tacos that I had to ask for the recipe. Let me know what you think. They are super easy to make and taste delicious. Thank you Mamma Jo Jo!


– Skip

Mamma Jo Jo’s Fish Tacos

1-2 lbs. of Tilapia (fresh or frozen)
1 Package of Trader Joe’s Cole Slaw or favorite fresh one from your deli
1- Pack of your favorite Corn Tortilla
1 Bottle Cole Slaw Dressing
1/4 cup of grated fresh mozzarella
16 oz Home Made Tomato Salsa or of your favorite jar of salsa
1- Avocado (Haas preferred)
Lawry’s Season-All
Non-stick spray (Pam) or for the paleo in you, butter
Skillet or Frying Pan

Salsa/ Topping Preparation
Dice Avocado into small bite size pieces
Grate mozzarella

Tilapia Preparation:
Ready fresh (or thawed) Talapia and sprinkle both sides with Lawry’s Season-All and Pepper.

Spray or coat Skillet/Frying pan with either PAM or butter set aside and prep skillet.
Go medium heat with your skillet but before butter burns if using butter
Add seasoned Tilapia and cook each side 2-3 minutes
Remove from skillet onto bowl
Break into bite size pieces
Set Aside
Clean skillet as we’ll use it to heat up tortillas

Taco Slaw Preparation
Mix your Cole Slaw with Cole Slaw dressing to your taste.

Building Your Tacos!
Take your tortillas and warm them on your skillet/frying pan. Warm them on both sides then begin to build adding your Tilapia and slaw. Add avocado, grated mozzarella, and salsa to taste. Fold and enjoy!

Do you have a recipe that you would like to share? Send it in