affirmative prayerAffirmative Prayer

Most people believe in God, a Universal force that governs our existence. Prayer is a way to access and commune with that energy. In the past I used to pray to a God outside myself, asking and beseeching a gray, old father figure for the desires of my heart. Now I understand that God is within each and every being. I am one with this all-powerful force. I pray with an understanding that I am one with the source of life. I use a form of praying called, “Affirmative Prayer.”

Instead of begging for something, affirmative prayer states the truth of life. Affirmative prayer declares our unification with God. I believe we have everything we need. Affirmative prayer is a tool to anchor that belief. It is no longer whom I am praying to, it is where I am praying from. I am praying from a place of knowing that I am Love, Joy, Abundance, Wholeness, Peace, Order, Balance, Gratitude, Oneness, and Compassion. Affirmative prayer is a prayer field anchored by the universe, immersed in God.


This week’s Action Plan: All this week during your prayer time, practice affirmative prayer. Speak the truth of who you are. Say, “I am Abundance, Love, Joy, Grace, Compassion, Creativity, Wholeness, and Prosperity.” Take the time to journal your feelings and the vibration affirmative prayer gives you.