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Get all of my latest workouts, tips and tricks for sticking to your goals and learning how to transform your body each and every day.  My heart blood pumping videos tackle your core, arms, legs, and abs, all the way down to your inner balance for a peaceful experience.

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Cardio Zen ElevationCardio Zen Elevation – My Tabata high intensity interval training takes you to the next level in a fun, interesting and incredibly effective mix of H.I.I.T training with the Zen of yoga. By blending cutting-edge, big-bang exercise with traditional yoga poses, this workout creates a unique balance and fitness experience. 

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Yoga Zen ElevationYoga Zen Elevation – Spice up your yoga practice and step out of the traditional mind body experience and flow to a new Groove! I create a powerful and playful environment that will up-level your practice. By incorporating music, affirmation and laughter you will elevate not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

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Dance Body Break ThroughDancer Body Breakthrough – Learn cutting-edge exercises based on strength training, dancer’s conditioning, integrative strength, functional training, Pilates and yoga to lean out the body. With a perfect balance of contract and release movement, posture, a strong core and flexibility you will feel like a new person!

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Maximum Strength OverloadMaximum Strength Overload– Learn new ways to progress your training into a full fitness experience. This multi-level, multi-dimensional workout includes cardio, upper and lower body strength and core, you’ll start with 12 exercises and progress to 36 options. 

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