remember-to-remember-mediativeWaking up is one thing, but staying awake is a completely different practice. As we approach the end of the first month of the year, we’ll tackle the theme of Remember to Remember for true change.

Remembering to remember our divine self can be more challenging than experiencing “Ah-Ha” moments. Each and every day there are eye-opening insights that activate evolution, but then comes the action required to implement true change.  Once we begin the journey to shift, we must continue the work in order to remember.  This could come from prayer, meditation, sacred study, fellowship, and self-contemplation.  Set the intention to “remember to remember” every day.

For this week’s Remember to Remember Action Plan we want to set the intention to stay awake. A quick mantra can always help: “I am one with God.”  Create your mantra that keeps you on track.  Commit to a practice of aligning yourself with the one power of God.


– Skip