Seventh SonOkay so first, look at that face. Just look. Who isn’t in love with Ben Barnes? Okay, maybe just me but he was a pretty good reason to go see it right? He was wonderful in the dramatization of the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, as Mr. Gray. But in Seventh Son?

The movie premise is cool since it was based on the popular novel; The Spook’s Apprentice (titled The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch in America) by Joseph Delaney. The story centers on Thomas Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son, and his adventures as the apprentice of the Spook. Unfortunately, the visuals leaned a little too much like Hansel and Gretel if you ask me. Then there was the acting which wasn’t so great, personally I couldn’t understand one word that the main star, Jeff Bridges, was saying. His muffled voice through out the movie made it difficult to enjoy the movie when I was trying to decipher his speech. My vote on Seventh Son? It was entertaining to a point, but definitely not worth the $13 to see it in theaters. Wait until it’s on Redbox or streamed on Netflix or Amazon. 

Seventh Son

– Marie