Energy of Lovegirl-flying

This week’s focus is on the Elevation of love. In our busy worlds it’s easy to forget that our natural state of being is that of Love. It dwells deep inside and strives to expand,to be more, to know more, and to share more.  If we allow ourselves to be immersed in this  love, we will find that our lives are elevated to a new level. Strive to gain that elevation and enlightenment. We have come into this planet as part of the divine and thus to know our divine selves. The Elevation of love is our jump, our journey to this greatness.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment

What stops you from flying? What stops you from reaching for the stars? The first step in achieving your goals is recognizing that nothing is impossible. Today, write an affirmation that reinforces “All things are possible.” This can become your new mantra. This can be your motto.