“When we learn we must teach.”
-Maya Angelou

“When we are given, we must give.”

Giving Back

This week’s Coaching Tips on “Giving Back” were inspired by Ms. Maya Angelou and my recent Shift With Skip radio guest Kristina Tester, who’s selfless giving back in Africa lit the inspiration of these tips on the spirit of giving back. So click the video above or here to watch and follow along below.

My Ten tips on Giving Back:

1. Explorer your passion. What speaks to you? Find a way to support a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

2. Radom Acts of Kindness is key. Find ways to be kind, but shhhh…. Do it without anyone knowing. How about dropping a coin in an expired parking meter or paying for someone’s coffee behind you.

3. Explore the opportunity to serve at a soup kitchen or a shelter.

4. Donate your old cloths to a charity that support a local cause.

5. Donate money to a charity that resonates with your soul.

6. Remember we are all connected. When you do something for someone you get the blessing as well.

7. If you are feeling down or depressed, the best way to shift your spirit is tone of service.

8. Be grateful for all that you have. This is a sure way to inspire a life of service.

9. There is no big acts or little acts of giving back, it all the same.

10. Remember it all about love

Peace and Blessings,