10710877_10152375997956193_5617944333811482258_nI don’t know about you guys, but when I saw this photo for the feature length real life film of a childhood favorite, Cinderella I thought, holy cow they’re using actors from my favorite show Downton Abbey! I absolutely love English films for their humor more than anything else. Plus, much of the time (in Downton Abbey) in particular, they have a touch of the classic times. The case looks amazing and how could you go wrong with,
‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.’ This film is a dream come true.

I know many of us have seen the latest film adaptation of Into the Woods and there was a little Cinderella there, but this is definitely the one you want to see. I personally love concentrated fairytale stories. This is one of the most highly anticipated of Disney’s in a  long time. Let’s see what magic they can do to this one. Let us know when you see it and what you think of it. It pops into theaters on the 13th!

Check out the trailer here.