“Who Are You?”

This week take a moment and contemplate “who you are” as our meditative thought of the week. I’m a believer that we all are the creation of God and as such, we are a complete and perfect expression of the Universe. It’s through God that we were created perfectly, with nothing to add. This means that we have been born with everything necessary before coming into this existence.

You brought everything with you to fulfill your destiny; that is how God planned it even during times when our life looks less than perfect. Perfection is who we are, not what we do, not what we buy, nor the car we drive. It’s the here and now.

Your Spiritual Assignment

This week, take the time in your meditative thought to contemplate about who are you. Cultivate your meditation time and connect with your higher self. Take the time as well to journal about what you find.

Have a blessed week,

Skip Jennings