If you’re living in Los Angeles, you know there are plenty of wonderful Summer activities that you can walk or drive to. We would love to share our hot list activities with you to keep your summer the best you’ve had yet.

The first activity on our list is Hot Air Balloon Rides!

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to look down from the clouds on the world you live in and see how big it really is? Then you have got to try a hot air balloon ride. There are even some great packages you can get, with a champagne breakfast for two or a family package and bring everyone! Check out the website here.

Outdoor Films, Vintage and New

We love this place! This is one of the most historical spots for celebrity resting places. Not to get all morbid on you or anything, but you can feel the sweet vibes of people coming together and remembering the beauty of those who have come and gone in film. The beauty of this is that all those souls who passed on, that were once in these films shown at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, can still watch the films they loved or were in every week during the summer months.

Hiking and Camping

The Santa Monica mountains have everyone from beach, waterfalls and green lush trees to desert like brush trails, caves and more. Don’t let your physical activity be restricted to a gym space because that can get boring. Check out all the amazing trail and skill levels here.

Visit Historical Missions

We’re sure you have heard about all of the wonderful missions in California when you were a kid. How about getting a jump on your child’s upcoming projects by taking a drive down to your local mission and checking out some wonderful and interesting California history.

Summer Outdoor Performances 

If you love art, performance and theater, you are going to love this amazing program sponsored by some local companies hoping to bring art back to the beach cities. Try out some Shakespeare by the Sea this summer and spend a free night with friends, family and have a few laughs. The shows are free, but donations are welcome or you can purchase seating and dinner for a fee.