Skip’s a huge fan of the Marvel blockbuster hits, so this time I wanted to give it a shot and see how amazing they were. Turns out, they are! I didn’t realize how much I loved comic films and this one was one of the biggest Avengers films to tie it all together.

Ultron is the biggest and baddest villain that the team would face out of their many fights. This new nemesis was one that was created in part by Iron Man himself. Ultron was supposed to the peaceful crime fighter that would help to save the world, but instead he chose to rid the world of the thing that he thought would destroy the earth most…humans. So to fight off this villain the Avengers would be joined by a new savior, the antithesis of Ultron (Vision). This is a pretty awesome film that tests new limits of each character and brings out more of a human side to some relationships they cultivate as well. The best part of the film would be the new love bubble between the Black Widow and The Hulk. This is a must see Marvel film!