Throughout the month of June, we’ll focus on the Recognizing The Divine – For Week 2 the focus is : Take Time to …

My friends, this week I want you to meditate on God’s invitation to finish the following statement; take time to…  What is it you need to take time to do? What has been neglected in the past month, six months, your life? Is there a practice that you need to spend more time with: A meditation, a prayer, a sacred text or listening, and need for quiet stillness? Maybe its taking time to fellowship with family and friends?  Maybe the call is to be more diligent at work?   We must remember that it is never too late to begin again and that everything we do is a direct reflection of God within our life.  When we neglect these truths in our life, we are neglecting God.

Your Spiritual Assignment:

This whole week, take time to… fill-in-the-blank.  Go into meditation and ask Spirit what you are neglecting in your life.  That is the one thing you need to do more of.

If you would like to share your “fill-in-the-blank” need, you can post it on the my facebook page.

June’s Series on Recognizing The Divine:

Recognizing The Devine – Week -1