Throughout the month of June, we’ll focus on the Recognizing The Divine – For Week 3 the focus is : Recognizing God Through Nature

Sometimes the greatest way to recognize God is through nature. When we are present in the vastness of God earth, we can feel the vibration the earth radiates. Unfortunately for many of us working in climate controlled offices with sealed windows makes nature a difficult thing to do. When was the last time you walked along beach and felt the sand between your toes? Or take in the fragrance of a wildflower or felt a blade of grass in your hands? I invite you to take the time to go into nature, a park, a botanical garden, etc.. and close your eyes, and hear God’s song. Take a deep breath, inhale nature’s vibration, and be with Mother Earth. Feel your connection to this planet. Allow the experience to shift your awareness of God, nature, and man’s unity. “Listen; the planet is singing a sweet song.”

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

All this week, play in nature. Go out for a walk with yourself,  family and/or friends and feel the vibration. It does not have to take long; it can take as little as 30 minutes. But just do it with the intention to commune with the vastness of God.

June’s Series on Recognizing The Divine: