Throughout the month of June, we’ve been focusing on Recognizing The Divine
– We’ll end the month with : Present to See The Divine

The Divine can only be experienced in the present. If we can remember to be awake and aware in the now moment, we have access to great power. True greatness is happening around us right now; it only needs to be recognized. Most of the time, our ego, or what I call the ”little self,“ lives in fear of the future or the regret of the past. The past is gone, and the future never comes. The only thing we have is the now, where we have unlimited source of the Divine. We must open up our spirit or third eye to see the spirit of God, which can only be accessed right were we are, in this very moment.

Your Spiritual Assignment:

This week, be present. Actively stay in the now. Notice when you are in the past or the future, than bring yourself back to the present.

June’s Series on Recognizing The Divine: