DAILY TRANSFORMATIONAL NUGGETS FOR THE BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT: Surrendering – Day 28 “Surrender to Challenges”

The Body Connection:  Working out is a challenge that is required to achieve the goal of fitness.  But it can be enjoyed if we surrender to it.  As long as we fight the process we will always see the challenge as nothing else but work.  One way to surrender is to change the “have to” to “get to.”  We get to play to create a healthy vehicle to do God’s work.  We get to honor our sacred commitment to be the best we can be.  The truth is that every pushup, squat, lunge, mile run or walked is the physical practice of getting better, faster, stronger and more powerful.  During the workout you might feel weak, but have faith: a strengthening of the mind, body, and spirit is taking place.  It the process of breaking down that will lead to your breakthrough.

Meditative Thought: Mentally and spiritually, we need to hit bottom, stop digging, and surrender to the fight before our transformation can happen.  It is the raw feeling of defeat that brings us to a place of surrender.  Sometimes it takes a spiritual beat down, a divine tenderizing of the soul, to prepare us for transformation.  It is when we are most vulnerable that can we hear the voice of God.  Until we have nothing else to fight with, a true transformation cannot happen. We must truly see the need for a shift to happen to allow it to happen.  What appears to be our greatest challenge becomes our greatest invitation to change.  Surrender to the challenges in your life; your breakdown will lead to a breakthrough.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, bless the mess.  Choose to see God in the midst of all your challenges.  Journal and list everything that you think is a messy situation in your life, and then ask the Universe, “Where is there a need for change here?”  Journal your answer and be willing to take action.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I bless the mess.  My challenges are divine and blessed with my intentions to be great.  My eyes are open and I see God.  Amen

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
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