The Body Connection:  Our biggest lessons on this path of the body connection are simple:  1.  Fitness is a journey with no destination and no time limits.  It is a practice required for the rest of our existence on this side of life.    2.  We must release the goal of looking like something or someone to measure our health and fitness.  What we see in the magazine or how another appears to us is our own perception.  3. Love yourself through every step of the journey.  4. Do not put a time limit on your fitness.  When we use a time marker to drop a certain amount of pounds, we set ourselves up for failure.  During your journey to or back to fitness, recognize that you are in God’s perfect time and that in that space all things are happening exactly how they need to work.  Everything happens in God’s time, so stop looking for shortcuts.

Meditative Thought: Surrender to God’s time.  Sometimes we want our blessings when we want them.  But God’s time is infinite, so our blessings are happening right now.  In our human mind we have created ideas for what our blessings should look like and when they should happen.  Take God out of your personal box.  No matter what our goals, desires, or intentions are, we must release our personal timeline.  The Universe does not work on our terms.  God is an all-powerful, all-knowing life force that has it in control.  Once we recognize that God just is, without conditions or favorites, and is not handing out blessings faster to those who worship more, we will free up the divine flow to happen in our lives.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, free your mind to the infinite outpouring of God’s Love.  Meditate on the simple manta, “Everything is happing in divine perfect timing.”  Know that your transformation is happening at the pace it needs to happen.  Journey any thoughts or insights that might come up before, during, and after meditation.  It is important for you to keep a record of all your Ah-ha moments.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I free my mind with the love of God.  Amen

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