Today’s Body Connection:  Have you asked God for an insight on how to train your body-temple?  We have the capability to download all the information we need to create a successful physical practice. Remember, you are connected to an all-powerful energy that knows all things, and it knows what you need.  We have so many choices for the physical practice; we just need to be mindful.  We ask the Universe for direction and guidance on most things, so why not download your physical activity?  Remember, every day is different, so you can have a new physical practice every day.  Maybe Monday is a walking day and Tuesday is a dance class day.  Maybe Wednesday you get the download to go swimming and Thursday could be weight-training day.  We live in a universe filled with infinite possibilities and that include your workouts.


Today’s Meditative Thought:  There is a reason why you downloaded the vision.  Now, what are you going to do with it?  Will you let the vision sit in the back of your head and fade away, or will you step out with faith and see it come to life?  “Anything you can envision, you can make happen with intention and a strong game plan.”  Time to put into action your divine download.  Believe that it can be done with the power of the Universe that lives within you.


Today’s Action Plan:  Today, remember that every idea downloaded from the mind of God has meaning.  Write them down so you don’t forget.  Start your journal of Divine Ideas. On the page, write out your action plan.  There is something you can do every day to bring your vision to light.  Begin with something simple, like prayer, meditation, or making a phone call to someone who is already doing the work.

Today’s Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I remember that I am the divine idea of God.  Amen

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