Today’s Body Connection:  What is it you really want?  It’s more than to get into your skinny jeans or to lose weight for a wedding.  Of course, reaching a certain weight by an important date can be a surface goal, but what happens when you reach that day or when it’s over?  The majority of people will lose weight for the special day, and when it has come and gone, they gain the pounds back.  The reason for the re-gain, or the “yo-yo” weight syndrome, is lack of vision. Again, I ask what do you really want?  I invite you to see the underlying intention for working out.  We train to connect with our true self, health, and wholeness; we work out to know true power, and true power is the recognition of the Divine within.  When we connect to our physical strength, it is the spiritual strength that is empowered.  Remember, there is always a deeper intention for your external desires.  Your desire to feel better is really the intention to know your wholeness.  Your physical practice will help you to know the true meaning of healing.

Today’s Meditative Thought: The only power we have is our connection to our higher self.  Only from Unity consciousness can we achieve our greatness.  True power is going after what we want with the authority of God fueling our every move.  Know who and what lives inside your soul.  Every day cultivate your relationship with your higher self.  Remember, there is no mountain we cannot climb in God.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, remember that we are in union with God.  Take the time to journal.  As you move through your day, observe your connection with God.  Make a list of everything and everyone that reveals your divine connection.  When you become aware, write it down and affirm it with a simple mantra, “I am one with…”

Today’s Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am one with true divine power.  Amen

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach

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