Today’s Body Connection:  Everyday is a new day; therefore every workout is a new workout.  Every time we step into our physical practice, we can begin again, creating a unique experience.   During weight training, each repetition within a set represents a new beginning.  We must learn to focus on one repetition at a time, from the start to the end.  As we move the weight, we learn to breathe into the movement, so that each inhale announces the start of the work and each exhale indicates the finish.  Today, begin again with your awareness that every day, workout, exercise, repetition, breath, and moment is new.

Today’s Meditative Thought:  Once you have paused and taken a breath, you are ready to begin again.  Life is a series of starting over.  Every breath is new, every moment is a beginning, and every idea is a fresh beginning in the mind of God.  When life gets a little interesting, just push the restart button and begin again.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, remember you can always begin again; just stop, breathe, and be still.  Simply push your personal restart button.  Decide what is the best way for you to begin again and do it as often as you need.

Today’s Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I breathe in the new breath of God.  Amen

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach

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