Today’s Body Connection:  How many times have you talked yourself out of a training session simply by saying, “I can’t.” If you say you can’t do something, you are right.  The truth is, you can if you are willing.  Each workout begins with the simple belief that it is ‘accomplishable.’  When you begin to trust yourself to cut calories, you will begin to eat mindfully.  When you free yourself from the “I can’t” attitude, everything is possible.  Remember, your positive attitude will make every workout enjoyable.

Today’s Meditative Thought:  Allow old habits to be put to death.  In yoga, the last pose is the “corpse pose.”  We die in the practice because it is finished; time to let it go.  What are you holding on to that is dying a long, slow death?  Free yourself, then raise up a new creation, with a new purpose.  Remember, the power is within you.  You can free yourself by letting go of the people, places, things, thoughts, and habits that no longer serve you.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, remember that which is dying, is dying for a reason: it no longer serves you. Time to identify what you need to let go.  Start with the body-temple.  If your language and thoughts are not kind and loving, it is time to release them.

Today’s Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I remember to free myself with Love.  Amen

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